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create Server PsoBB

Post  Minator on Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:17 pm

-=Create Server PsoBB=-
I've been asked by alot of people (why me I've no idea!) how to setup the server for Blue Burst play (won't mention names). So I thought about making a guide!

Step 1
(If you already have Blue Burst installed and patched with SEGA, proceed to Step 3)
Download and install PSOBB from

Step 2
Get the patches from SEGA. Select "Patch Download" in the title screen.

The version you must use is 1.24.3. If you are using Schthacks JP-EN patch (1.24.15) you will have to reinstall Blue Burst. Fuzzi's server doesn't work well with this patch.

Step 3
Download the Fuzziqer Software PSO Server 2.9 (its the current most stable version for Blue Burst)

Step 4
Download this program to edit the license file easily

Step 5
In the license editor, you will see the following:

Section list:

Leave this section blank as you won't need it.
Blue Burst
Username - Enter a username.
Password - Enter a password.
Serial Number - For Blue Burst, enter a random 8 digit number.
License is banned - Check this box if you want this particular license to be banned.
Privilages - Set the privilages for this license (not that hard to figure out!).

To add more licenses, click the "Add" button. When you have done, close the editor and you will be prompted to save.

Step 6

v2.9 Users ONLY: Edit the "config.ini" file in the "system" folder.

*lang "English" <--- server's language
*name "My Ship" <--- your server's short name here (up to 16 characters)
*longname "MY private server" <--- your server's long name here
*ssname "My Ship" <--- your server's shipgate name here (unused at the moment but needed, up to 16 characters, does not have to be the same as *name)
*addr+ "" <--- your external IP address here (find it out at
*inet "" <--- your external IP address here (find it out at
*license "0" <--- "1" to allow unregistered users, "0" to disconnect them
v3.0+ users ONLY
# **************
# **************

Language English # Language to be used on the server
Short_Name My Server # Server's short name (max. 16 characters)
Long_Name My Private PSOBB Server # Server's long name (max. 256 characters)
Shipgate_Name My Server # Server's shipgate name (should be same as short name)
Add_Addresses # Server's external IP address
#Remove_Addresses # Add interface addresses to this line (separated by spaces) to disable connections on those interfaces
External_Address # Server's external IP address
Client_Limit 40 # Maximum clients to allow online at once (comment out to allow unlimited clients) (does not apply to clients on the Shipgate Server)
#Allow_Unregistered_Users # Comment out this line to disconnect unregistered users instead
#Start_DNS_Server_In_Retrieval_Mode # Comment out this line to start the DNS server in normal mode instead
Enable_Operations_Monitor # Comment out this line to disable one of the server's internal maintenance systems

Note that your config.ini will look different than this. I edited the above to make it easier.

The *addr+ and *inet lines are needed if you plan on accepting users.
Note you may see another line in your config.ini, *retr (or something similar), this is used for Gamecube PSO and isn't needed for Blue Burst. You can remove it if you wish.

Step 7
Edit your hosts file (located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc). The hosts file doesn't have an extention its just simply named "hosts". Open this in notepad and add the following lines:


Step 8
When you have done all that, you need to make a shortcut to the server (right-click the server icon and select "Create Shortcut"). Once you've done this, right-click on the shortcut you just made and select "Properties". In the "Target" box, right at the end (after the quotes) add a _-s (the underscore means SPACE). The end result should look something like this:

This will stop the "Shipgate" errors appearing.

Step 9
Start Blue Burst and login with the username and password you entered in Step 5.

Step 10
Note: In the server window you might see a warning message saying:
Warning: You do not have multiple local addresses
This is normal and won't cause you any problems.

About Schthack's JP-EN patch
The JP-EN patch was made by Schthack to allow us to use and see the JP only weapons. This patch has the version number 1.24.15

This patch is not compatable with the this server. If you have this installed, you must re-install PSO. My advice is to install PSO twice, one for US and one for JP.

Bugs (v2.9)
The "Use" bug
If you use an item (eg, Monofluid) you will get disconnected. This is due to the item indexes being abit off. As a temp solution, use $cheat and then $infhp and/or $inftp

Enemies don't give off EXP at their correct values. They will give random EXP, sometimes none. Reason being that the EXP charts aren't implimented.

Drop Bug
All enemies and boxes drop items this is normal as the drop charts aren't implimented.

Bank Bug
Don't deposit anything in the bank. You'll get d/c and you'll loose your item.



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Re: create Server PsoBB

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